March 18, 2019

KIDS AGE 3 to HIGH SCHOOL!  Please joins us for Sunday School at 9:00 am during the School Year!     A great time of learning, fellowship, singing, and meeting new friends.....we look forward to seeing you! 

Opportunities to Grow in Faith

     As a community of faith, we at Trinity provide opportunities…on different days, at different times, with different topics…for people to come and grow in their faith. God has given us a huge, maybe even unlimited capacity for identifying and sorting out and figuring out what it means to be faithful. Full of faith. Aware of God’s presence in all the areas of our lives. Convinced of God’s intention to include everyone in a circle of love and care and justice.

It’s easy to be distracted. It’s popular to be busy. It’s possible to be overwhelmed and in need of break, but God planted a seed of faith in each of us long before we were born and is providing us with the sunlight, the water, the nourishment that helps us to grow. During these first four months of 2019, Trinity is offering a variety of opportunities for you to experience spiritual growth. Isn’t that what churches are supposed to do?!?!

Please consider participating in one of the following activities as a way of drawing closer to God. See page three for additional worship opportunities that are designed with those same thoughts in mind.

Jesus said, “…your faith has cured you; go in peace and be free from your complaint.”    –Weymouth New Testament, Mark 5:34.

Tuesdays at 6:00, small group Bible study with Pastor Geri. Bring the Bible that you are reading and share insights and inspirations with others!

Pastor is using The One-Year Bible, NIV and will bring resources and additional materials to help us figure out what the Word of God is all about. All are welcome. Come when you can, and share what you experience!

Feed Your Faith Formation Workshop, Saturday, March 16, 9:00-10:30 a.m. Lenten practices will be described and considered. The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee is supporting Feed Your Faith Workshops, one Saturday morning of the month, January through April. Come and fuel in your faith with others who are doing the same!

Third Saturdays—Tender Heart Worship at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 16. A Tender Hearts Worship event is planned for the third Saturday of the month for those whose hearts are heavy with grief, sadness, worry. This is a time of softness and gentleness. Invite your friends and neighbors who need a place of quiet rest, near to the heart of God.

Let the Little Children Come     I had the opportunity to spend time with our Sunday School children when the Praise Team debuted. The children were taking a break before they were going to sing Christmas songs for the congregation. Lea Varda, myself, and the children enjoyed playing a memory game to relax. The children were bright, inquisitive, innocent, and most of all, free from negative thoughts and emotions.

We as adults sometimes forget the carefree childhood we all had before growing up. The children learned a lot playing ‘My Grandmother’s Trunk.’ I hope I learned the next time I want to say an unkind word or get angry when someone cuts me off in traffic, or I get impatient with a loved one, that I remember the simple lesson the Junior Worship children shared with me. Good job, kids and parents.  –Patty Ronan 

 The Adult Sunday school    Meets during the School year on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. to talk with each other about God and the church and how it is that we can best serve as disciples of Jesus.   You are welcome to join us!  Please call the office, 774-2545, if you would like a book and more information about the class.  Between now and May 20, the group will study Paul's letter tot he Ephesians.  Everyone is welcome.  Adult SS will take a summer break after that.  

Did You Know?...Our TUMC library is available to you! Located in the church office, the library contains many authors, titles, and selections.   Come check it out!