November 22, 2017
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KIDS AGE 3 to HIGH SCHOOL!  Please joins us for Sunday School at 9:00 am during the School Year!     A great time of learning, fellowship, singing, and meeting new friends.....we look forward to seeing you!  

Confirmation Class   Confirmation is Preparation for the Adventure of Faithfulness! Those who follow Jesus know that every happening near us, around us, and with us…that’s God providing us with new and exciting experiences. Even when it seems like the ‘same old, same old,’ the Holy Spirit of God is nudging us to live life large, with energy and abundance. When our children reach their early teens, we Methodists take time to prepare them for understanding God in their lives more fully. We encourage them and prepare them for a life of faithfulness. We hope that they will want to Confirm the covenant relationship that was given to them at their Baptism.

Starting after Easter, Pastor will begin classes for young people born in 2002 and 2003. This will be a 30-week process…ending at the beginning of Advent in late November, with the ceremony of Confirmation during Sunday morning worship. If you are interested in having a young person in your household (who will be 14 or 15 in 2017) participate in this process, please contact Pastor Geri, (906)774-2545. Please pray for the youth and their families during this special time.

 …mature as disciples…



Have you wanted to spend more time reading the Bible?  Have you wanted to read the Bible cover to cover? Have you wanted to discuss the verses you have read with others who have read the same passages? Your chance to do those things will be available in 2018.

We will read the Bible through the year using 365 daily readings, with each reading having an Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs segment. There will be opportunities to meet together weekly to discuss the readings for that week. Interested? Contact Jack Noyce at

(, (715)528-2084 or (913)645- 6020.

The Adult Sunday school    Meets during the School year on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. to talk with each other about God and the church and how it is that we can best serve as disciples of Jesus.   You are welcome to join us!  Please call the office, 774-2545, if you would like a book and more information about the class.  Adult Sunday School begins September 10 at 9:15 a.m. They will use the book, Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak, by Joyce Meyer.   Cost of the book is $10, and copies can be picked up in the office. Come and grow as a disciple of Jesus!  
New Communion Steward Wanted   Ruth Ann Badini would like to train someone to take over her Communion Steward job. After more than 20 years, she needs a break. The job can be done on your own schedule, and Ruth Ann will train anyone who’s interested. Please contact Ruth Ann at 776-0852.

The Vital Church Initiative is an educational program designed and used by the Michigan Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church since 2011 to inspire and challenge local congregations to let the Holy Spirit move them towards renewal, renovation, and liveliness.

Trinity UMC is in the first Upper Peninsula group of churches to participate in VCI. (They were working out the kinks before bringing it this far north!) This is an example of your apportionment dollars at work here in our very own church.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the people on the teams. Their phone numbers are in the church directory, or call the office, 774-2545.   VCI Team Members:

VCI Away Team: Moira Cowling, Pastor Geri, Jack Noyce, Kristy Ryan, Emily Ritsema

VCI Home Team: Celeste Bancroft, Nathan Ruble, Sally Verley


...intentional faith development...

Lay Servant Class, October 7, 14, or 15    A Lay Servant class has been scheduled to piggy-back on Ray Buckley’s talk (see previous page). Ray wrote the book that is used for the Lay Servant Ministry advanced class Dancing with Words. Conference Lay Servant Director John Hart says that attending the ‘Day of Inspiration’ would count as part of that 10-hour advanced class, and then the balance of hours would be earned at a class on October 14 in Gladstone or October 15 in Newberry. So now, Advanced Lay Servants up for renewal and those who have taken the Basic class who wish to qualify as Advanced have a dual purpose to attend the Day of Inspiration on October 7.

Please tell Pastor Geri if you’re interested in attending the ‘Day of Inspiration’ and/or Lay Servant Class, to see about carpooling.

 ‘Day of Inspiration’ sponsored by the Marquette District of The United Methodist Church
October 7, 2017, 1 p.m.-5 p.m. EDST at the  Marquette Hope Connection Center

Registrations are due September 27 for the October 7 ‘Day of Inspiration,’ featuring Ray Buckley, the interim Director of the Center for Native American Spirituality and Christian Study. Buckley has served The United Methodist Church as a staff member of The United Methodist Publishing House, Director of the Native People’s Communication Office (UMCom) for nine years, and Director of Connectional Ministries for the Alaska Missionary Conference.

Tell Pastor Geri if you’re interested in attending the ‘Day of Inspiration’ to see about carpooling.
Most recently Buckley wrote Hard to Dance with the Devil on Your Back and contributed to New Dawn in Beloved community. Also, he is the author/illustrator of five books: God’s Love is Like…, The Give-Away: A Christmas Story in the Native American Tradition, The Wing, Christmas Moccasins, and Dancing with Words: Storytelling as Legacy, Culture, and Faith.

 He is also the author of Creator Sang a Welcoming Song, and Walking in These White Man Shoes, children and youth resources for the Women’s Division School of Missions. The Give-Away was selected to appear on the CBS Christmas Eve special, An American Christmas, produced by the National Council of Churches.

Buckley has taught in Nigeria, and Ghana, and served as a lecturer in Native American studies for several universities. He lives in Alaska.

Coming Summer 2018—

Cindi Strehlow and Kristy Ryan have volunteered to organize Vacation Bible School. They will need volunteers to help plan and work on it, so please be thinking about participating in this wonderful event for our church children. It’s a great way to not only serve your church, but have fun doing it! You can contact Cindi at (906)221-1094, or Kristy at (906)779-5282.

 Did You Know?...Our TUMC library is available to you! Located in the church office, the library contains many authors, titles, and selections.   Come check it out!