July 25, 2017
  ...exploring the life-changing message of Jesus...

From May 28 until Labor day, we enjoy one worship service at 9:15 where we all come together as a family reunion through the Summer season.
During the School Year, we enjoy two worship experiences on Sunday mornings. For the early risers, 8:00 and then later in the morning at 10:30. Both services include traditional hymns, readings from the Holy Scriptures, Preaching and Prayers. Children are welcome and included in special ways. At 10:30, we have a choir that sings beautifully with Special Music.

Eat, Stay, and Pray—Community Prayer Service, Wednesdays, 5:45 to 6:15 p.m. This is an ecumenical prayer opportunity in the Sanctuary. A chance to pray to God. To listen for the Spirit of God. To be together in the hope of Jesus Christ. It will be open to our community meal guests and available to all the folks at Trinity who are not able to make it to church on Sunday mornings…and for anyone who wants a chance to pray in community during the week. If Sunday morning worship is a chance to get closer to God, then check it out and see what God can do on Wednesday nights!

“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at his disposition, and listening to his voice in the depth of our hearts.” –Mother Teresa 

                                    ...exploring the life-changing message of Jesus...

Preacher’s Corner by Pastor Geri Hamlen

There are those who maintain that the primary gateway to the soul is the ear. By definition, the disciples of faith are first and foremost listeners. The very word ‘disciple’ means ‘the one who listens and learns.’[i] We will spend the month of July listening for the voice of Jesus. As always, the Bible gives us insight and instruction for tuning the ears of our hearts, like the receivers on radios, to the Jesus channel. Through our baptism, our hearts and souls are already calibrated to receive the words of Jesus…we just have to learn how to recognize his voice among all the other voices and noises which surround us. As we come to recognize His unique and loving voice, it can become as familiar as our own heartbeats.[ii] The voice of Jesus can soothe and calm us. Inspire and enliven us. Heal and save us. Let’s listen for it together.


July 2, Luke 24:36-49, Psalm 33 ‘Be Not Afraid’

July 9, John 20:24-29, James 2:19-21 ‘Imperfect Pitch’

July 16 , John 21:1-14, Hebrews 5:7-14 ‘Chattering Teeth’

July 23, John 21:15-19, John 3:8 ‘Listen to the Wind’

July 30, Acts 9:10-19, Romans 10:8-18 ‘Have They Not Heard…’

The LORD is my solid rock…Psalm 18. In August, we will consider the way our lives are built on the solid rock foundation of God’s promises. We’ll use the Psalms to remind us of God’s steadfast nature, calling each of us to be steadfast as well in our commitment to Jesus and the Church. While you’re on vacation and re-creating for the summer, go ahead (if it’s legal!) and pick up a rock that you can bring into worship in August to share with the congregation. We’ll arrange rocks in the altar area to make visual the way God tends to us, even in the rockiest times of our lives.

August 6, Psalm 18 ‘God is Good!’

August 13, Psalm 61 ‘God Lifts Us Up…’

August 20, Psalm 27 ‘Shelter in the Storm’

August 27, Psalm 19 ‘Rock On!’

Come and be blessed by the words of God for the People of God. Thanks be to God!

[1] Sweet, Leonard and Frank Viola, Jesus Speaks: Learning to Recognize and Respond to the Lord’s Voice, W. Publishing, Nashville, 2016 p. xv.

[1][1] Ibid, p. xiv

Pastor’s Ponderings…

CLAIM THE FLAME! It’s all about allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to claim your life so that you have the strength and the courage to share God’s grace and your love for others…

Jesus loved us so much that he answered one last question from his disciples before ascending into Heaven, saying: “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Acts 1:8. In this Trinity United Methodist community, we receive that Holy Spirit power through our baptisms and our participation in the life of the church.

For Pentecost Sunday (June 4) a crew of people created a Pentecost flame for ALL the people who participate in the life of the church through their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their joy, and their witness…you know who you are! Each flame has a name on it…the name of a living person who has a history with and a connection to Trinity UMC. All 548 of those flames were taped to the walls of the Sanctuary so that the gift of the Holy Spirit showed up…visibly and tangibly…in our place of worship.

The colors, the sense of flames moving on the walls has given us a great way to see just how many, many people are led by the Holy Spirit to worship, pray, and live as disciples of Jesus together here, with each and all of us. (Pictures are posted on the church website: www.imtrinity.org. It’s beautiful!)

Such a gift! On Father’s Day Sunday, the people in worship were invited to walk by all of the walls and choose particular flames to take home with them. We were encouraged to let the Holy Spirit move us as we each ‘Claim the Flame’ for particular names that draw our attention. That may be family members. Or people you’ve known for a long time. Or even people you’ve never met. That’s how the Holy Spirit works!

Those in worship that day were encouraged to take as many flames off the wall as they wanted and then to ‘Claim the Flame’ on behalf of the people named on their flames. Put them on your refrigerator in the kitchen. The dashboard of your car. The mirror in your bathroom. The wall of your cubicle at work. In your Bible…wherever you can see that person’s name and pray for them. It can be a simple prayer…Holy Spirit…Thank you for your power in the life of _______. May he/she feel your love and use your power… Amen.

This has been such a rich and rewarding experience that we decided to share with all of those who receive The Tower. You will see on page three a flame that has not yet been claimed. This is your chance to ‘Claim the Flame.’ This is your person to lift up in prayer…to wonder about, maybe even to contact if you are so moved. Know that you are being prayed for as well. We are all caring and sharing, claiming and naming each other through the Holy Spirit!

If your prayers inspire you to find out more about the people on your flames, please feel free to contact the following people who can give you information, including whatever we have in the church phone directory: Joyce Erickson at 774-9279, or Pastor Geri and Sally Verley at 774-2545.

You may be moved to send someone a card. Or call and invite them for coffee. That’s the Holy Spirit working in and through you and the others at Trinity as we support and encourage each other in our faithfulness to God.

Praise be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!     Pastor Geri

Come and join us for an active and vibrant celebration of faith and worship of our Lord through the wonderful music of the Trinity Adult Choir!
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Young children and babies can enjoy some space, while parents can still enjoy our worship service in our overflow room, to the back and above the sanctuary. This is also where you are invited to take part in the technical aspect of our worship if that is where your talent and interests lie, with audio equipment, our computer support and PowerPoint slide show, which accompany our services, and other modern enhancements to the worship experience