November 13, 2018




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November’s Mission of the Month is The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an international movement in over one hundred countries, sharing in the mission of Christ for the salvation and transformation of the world. It is an integral part of the Christian Church. Its doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief, and its articles of faith emphasize God’s saving purposes. Its objectives are the advancement of the Christian religion, education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objectives beneficial to society or the community of mankind.   Please be generous and give to November’s Mission of the Month.

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign runs from November 12 to December 22. If you’d like to sign up to ring bells or would like more information, please call Debbie Floriano, 774-7578, or email her at

‘Light at the Inn,’ the Dickinson County area homeless shelter, is preparing for the start of its third season. The shelter will rotate between local churches on a weekly basis beginning in November and run until the end of March. The shelter offers a safe and warm overnight accommodation with a hot dinner, breakfast, and packed lunch for adults in our area who find themselves without a roof over their head on a cold winter night. All guests are screened through law enforcement agencies and given a breathalyzer test each evening.
      The following churches have already committed to hosting the shelter this winter: Our Saviour’s Lutheran; First Covenant of Iron Mountain; Norway Covenant; Trinity United Methodist; Redemption Hill; St Barbara’s/St Mary’s, Vulcan/Norway; and Grace Methodist/
Bethany Lutheran, Norway.
      Volunteers from the community are needed to make and serve meals, supervise guests throughout the open hours, transport guests if necessary, and move cots and shelter supplies from one church to the next on Sunday afternoon. Training is necessary for new volunteers and will be offered on the following dates:
Monday, Nov 5 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran in Iron Mountain.
Monday, Nov. 12 at Redemption Hill in Kingsford
Monday, Nov. 19 at Trinity United Methodist in Iron Mountain
Monday Nov. 25 at First Covenant in Iron Mountain.
      All training will begin at 6:00 p.m. and last approximately two hours. If you were trained and worked last season, then it is not necessary to be trained again.
      There is a need! The 2017/2018 season was not a particularly cold winter; however, the shelter was occupied 128 nights out of our 147-night season.
For more information, contact Cindi Strehlow, 221-1094, or Kristy Ryan, 779-5282, here at Trinity.
Or contact the shelter by e-mail at
Or visit the Facebook page at
Or view the website at

October’s Mission of the Month is the World Communion Special Offering through The United Methodist Church.

      The World Communion Scholarship Program of The United Methodist Church supports United Methodist students and students who relate directly to the General Board of Global Ministries mission partners, so that they may carry out their master’s or doctoral studies at universities or seminaries. What follows is an example of how this scholarship program is influencing the life of Ofelia Duldulao.

      The scholarship made it possible for Ofelia Duldulao to finish graduate studies uninterrupted, instead of needing to take time off to earn money. A teacher by profession, Duldulao attends the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, preparing for a master’s degree in environmental education, a passion of Duldulao, an environmental activist. She has a B.S. in biology, as well as a degree in secondary education.

The scholarship, she said, has been an inspiration. “I am constantly reminded of the opportunity and the trust given to us scholars,” she said. “The support comes from people, from churches, believing we will serve the people through God’s ministries.

      The scholarship also allows her to be active in the church and community while attending school. During graduate school, Duldulao serves as a speaker and educator for various campaigns in Nueva Vizcaya, helping to solve identified problems and training leaders in speaking, teaching, and community-organizing skills. Duldulao recently returned from Africa University in Zimbabwe, where she attended an Environmental Scholars Gathering with seven other Global Ministries-funded environmental studies and related scholars. They explored creation-care ministry and environmental programs to offer local churches around the globe.

      “I believe God provided me with this opportunity of being a scholar of Global Ministries to work in church and the community, she said, “to be part of the church’s work and to lead church members to help in the community work.” Please give to this Mission of the Month!

September’s Mission of the Month is Our Camp Michigamme Scholarship Fund

For many years, our church has used the fund to pay half of the camp fees for members of our congregation. The money collected this month will be used for next year’s campers.

We want to make sure that Trinity people who want to attend camp can. Please keep Camp Michigamme and its campers in your prayers. Thank you for your generosity.

Car Care Clinic, Saturday, September 29 at First Covenant Church, on ‘H’ St. If you can volunteer to help, please call Rob Hibbard, (906)396-2301. Come for a couple of hours or all day. It’s fun! This event is sponsored by United Men in Ministry.

 College Student Outreach    Thank you everyone who has been very supportive of the college outreach mission that we are continuing this year at TUMC.

      We have heard from many of our students how much they have enjoyed receiving packages and cards from their church family while they have been away at college. We have sent packages out at the beginning of the school year when homesickness is usually the hardest thing for these kids to deal with, another package or card is sent out around Halloween, and then one around finals time.

      We try our hardest to hit all of the students’ birthdays with a card and a fun little gift card for coffee or fast food. And when the next semester starts up again, we get the cards and packages going again.

      If anyone would like to help with donations of candy, granola bars, Easy Mac, or anything that you may think a student might like, we’d appreciate it! We try to keep the packages as light as possible, because postage is expensive. We also will take monetary donations; just make sure you mark your donation “college outreach.”

      We have a big group this year—it looks like around 20 students—and we can use all the help we can get this year. Our goal of this program is to make sure that these young people from our church family know that we think about them, pray for them, and that they are loved. College is such a difficult time in their lives; this is just a little thing we can do for these kids. Parents, please give us your college students’ addresses. Send them to Sally (774-2545 or or Jen Gauthier (221-2840) or Moira Cowling (221-9311).

Cinnamon roll sale, September 30! Cinnamon roll sales are the last Sunday of each month, and are a fundraiser for the 2019 North Dakota mission trip. Suggested donation is $2 each. Purchase them between and after services. Pre-orders will be taken anytime. Call the church office, 774-2545, or call/text Cindi Strehlow at (906)221-1094. 

July Mission of the Month

Wesley United Methodist Church in Ironwood, Michigan   (Excerpts taken from the 2018 Marquette District Mission of the Year brochure)

Wesley United Methodist Church in Ironwood was built in 1910. In 2017, one of the ceiling truss supports broke, and the Wesley church community now faces a difficult and expensive repair process. Structural engineers have designed a way to replace this broken truss from inside the building. The costs, however, are substantial, and Wesley UMC’s parish community is smaller now than in previous generations.

Scaffolding, stretching from the basement to the church attic, presents a stark visual scene that displays the monumental challenge Wesley faces. This scaffolding provides the shoring necessary to support the ceiling and the roof above. Thankfully, First Presbyterian Church in Ironwood has invited Wesley to hold its services in their building until the ceiling truss repair can be completed.

The total final repair cost will be approximately $220,000, of which Wesley UMC has already paid $45,000. The congregation of Wesley UMC must now raise the remaining amount. To help them raise this money, Wesley UMC has been selected to be the 2018 Marquette District Mission of the Year.

Please be generous and give to our July Mission of the Month.

August’s Mission of the Month is our Brother’s Keeper Fund       Over the years, Trinity has provided confidential assistance to people in our community…rent, utilities, emergency situations have all created needs for people, and the Brother’s Keeper Fund has been there to help. Fewer funds have been available this past year, so at this point, the Fund is used mostly for food and gas emergencies. It’s good to know that if someone needs gas to get to work or to an out of town doctor appointment, or if a family needs food to get through to the next check, Trinity UMC is here to help.

Those in need are also held in prayer and invited to grow in their faith in God through the acts of giving and receiving. Thanks be to God for your generous contributions to this source of assistance.

North Dakota Mission Team Hosting Fundraisers   2018
      It’s almost time to return to the Spirit Lake Ministry Center in North Dakota! This year’s trip will be from June 17-22. Our team is 23 strong, with 11 adults and 12 youth. Five of our team members are joining us for the first time!
      We thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers as we prepare for our departure. We have our last two fundraisers coming up: April 29 will be our last cinnamon roll sale until the fall, and on May 20, we will be hosting a lasagna dinner. Come and enjoy a great dinner and fellowship with us.
  April’s Mission of the Month is the North Dakota mission trip. The dates of this year’s trip are June 17-22. 
The North Dakota trip has been a labor of love for our team for many years now. Originally gathered and inspired by Marilyn Phillips’ leadership, we continue to come together as teammates, grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren to join together with the Spirit Lake Ministry Center in helping, supporting, caring for, and learning more about the people of the Spirit Lake Nation.
We are honored to be April’s Mission of the Month and grateful for the love, prayers, and support of our church family. The money given this month will go toward our travel expenses to get our team safely to North Dakota and back. Thank you so much for your support! –Kristy Ryan