December 11, 2017




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The Men of Prayer group meets on the last Monday of each month. Their next meeting will be on Monday, October 30 at 7:00 p.m. at First UMC, Iron Mountain.  Then November 27 at Quinnesec UMC.   We are partnering with the other United Methodist Churches in the area. The children have VBS. The women have circles. Men need something, too! Come and check it out. We’ll compare notes on life and where God is working things out. Prayer time will then be followed by Holy Communion. Come and see what it’s all about. For more information, please call Scott Ritsema, (906)282-4549.

November’s Mission of the Month   By Nathan Ruble

November’s Mission of the Month is The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an international movement in over one hundred countries, sharing in the mission of Christ for the salvation and transformation of the world. It is an integral part of the Christian Church. Its doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief, and its articles of faith emphasize God’s saving purposes. Its objectives are the advancement of the Christian religion, education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objectives beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.

Please be generous and give to November’s Mission of the Month.

 August 19 Truck Brought Help for Many  By Chris Langer     A Feeding America semi-truck came to Trinity on Saturday, August 19.  The truck brought 20,467 pounds of food, soap, and paper products. One-hundred-ninety cars came through, and 573 individuals were served. We also helped Abundant Life Church, Caring House, St. Vincent DePaul in Iron Mountain and Florence, Alpha Omega House, and others.

Police were here to provide traffic control—no tickets were issued.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers (17 from Trinity UMC and 19 others) who helped that day. Thank you to the Finance Committee for approving my request for Marie Bleecker funds to help pay for the truck. Thank you to an individual who gave money to pay for the soap and paper products on the truck. God bless you all.

Trinity family, the meal program needs your help! As much as we try to cut corners & be thrifty, the funds in the meal account are getting low. Our awesome kitchen crews put together approximately 500 meals a month. If you would like to make a donation to the meal program, please know it is greatly appreciated. Donations can be given to Sally or mailed to the church office. Thank you for your continued support of our meal program.

  College Student Outreach    Please contact Jen Gauthier, 221-2840, or Moira Cowling, 774-5130, with the current addresses of students in our congregation. We have had great success with this program and hope to continue again sending messages and packages of goodies throughout the year. Our goal is to make our college students aware of the fact that their Trinity United Methodist Church family is thinking of them.

We will be printing the students’ birthdays in the bulletin and Tower, so anyone can send a card or note to wish them “Happy Birthday.” We know that this can be a lonely time for the kids being away from home. Simple notes telling them you’re thinking of them and are praying for them could brighten their day! Many kids have a hard time finding a church at college, so we want to keep them close and make them feel loved.

Below are birthdays and addresses of some of our college students:
lBrock Grenier, May 12, 625 Algoma Blvd., North Scott Room 482, Oshkosh, WI 54901.
lGino Mariucci, May 23, 1836 E. 7th Ave., Norway, MI 49870.
lBarbie Slagle, June 10, 239 Spalding Hall, Marquette, MI 49855.
  2016 Mission of the Month Giving— Thank You, Everybody!

 Month        Dollars         Mission

January       $373.05        Our Community meal program

February     $302.25        Bay Cliff Health Camp

March         $358.00        UMCOR

April           $251.27        Annual Conference

May            $176.06        ND mission trip

June            $201.83        Camp scholarships

July             $448.70        Health Cabin

August        $138.34        The Baldwin Center

September   $329.81        Brother’s Keeper Fund

October       $439.96        World Communion

November   $122.94        The Salvation Army

December    $330.40        Camp Scholarships