August 20, 2017




Resources & Help

The Car Care Clinic helps those in need have basic car care done. The next clinic is set for Saturday, Sept. 30 at Grace United Methodist Church in Norway. Call John Dedo, (906)282-4693, to volunteer to help. To sign up to have your car serviced, call Mark, (906)396-6828; or Kyle, (906)396-8866.

                                            ...TRANSFORM THE WORLD...

 The Men of Prayer meet on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. July 31 we’ll meet right here at Quinnesec, UMC.  On Monday, August 28, we will meet at Grace UMC, O'Dill Drive in Norway.  The children have VBS. The women have circles. Men need something, too! Come and check it out. We’ll compare notes on life and where God is working things out. Prayer time will then be followed by Holy Communion. Come and see what it’s all about. For more information, please call Scott Ritsema, (906)282-4549.


July’s Mission of the Month is the Iron Mountain Cabin at Camp Michigamme


By Nathan Ruble

The Trinity congregation has taken over one of the cabins at Camp Michigamme. This cabin is in need of structural and aesthetic repairs.

The floor and foundation need major attention to make the cabin safe. The doors and windows all need to be replaced or touched up. Heating the cabin is one major item on the cabin list that has been completed. The inside and outside will need to be painted or stained in the near future.

Please consider giving to this Mission of the Month. (See article on page 7.)

August’s Mission of the Month is the Hermansville United Methodist Church

(Excerpts taken from the 2017 Mission of the Year flyer)

In addition to being our August Mission of the Month, the First United Methodist Church of Hermansville is the Marquette District’s Mission of the Year.

The church was built in 1898, destroyed by fire in 1903, and subsequently rebuilt. With money raised through our Mission of the Month and the District’s Mission of the Year, the Hermansville church will receive a partial new roof, new gutters, and a protective covering for their windows. Any money left over will be used to repair water damage to an interior wall.

As the only Protestant church in Hermansville, they wish to remain a viable presence in the community. Thank you for giving to this Mission of the Month.

Feeding America Trucks Here This Summer

By Chris Langer

Feeding America traveling food trucks are coming here to Trinity on Saturday, August 19 and Saturday, September 16. Food distribution will start around 9:00 a.m., but it all depends on the weather and when the trucks arrive at the church. These will be our sixth and seventh semi-trucks.

I’m looking for volunteers to help with these trucks, so please call me at (906)239-6096. It has always turned out well, and lots of fun will be had, for sure. And to God be the glory, always.

May’s Mission of the Month—Covenant Offering for Annual Conference 2017

We don’t always feel this, but in truth, we as United Methodists are connected to other United Methodists who gather together and call themselves a Conference. Each year, the Conference meets and reaffirms the Connection and the ties that bind us together. Part of that includes a special Covenant offering that will be our Mission of the Month for May.

All the churches in the Conference bring their Covenant offerings, which will again be shared between our world-wide covenant partners, the Haiti Annual Conference and the Liberia Annual Conference. This offering is traditionally split between the Haiti Hot Lunch Program and the food program at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village in Liberia. The generosity of our churches and members of annual conference traditionally yield around $33,000 each year to help us sustain these food programs.

Trinity UMC has been very generous in giving to the Mission of the Month, and we can be happy knowing that May’s money will serve other Methodists around the world.

June’s Mission of the Month is Our Camp Michigamme Scholarship Fund By Nathan Ruble

For many years, our church has used the Bleecker fund to pay half of the camp fees for members of our congregation.  As more and more children and adults take the time to enjoy this great experience, we find ourselves needing more financial assistance.   We want to make sure that Trinity people who want to attend camp can. Please keep Camp Michigamme and its campers in your prayers. Thank you for your generosity.



The annual North Dakota mission Lasagna Dinner
 Sunday, April 23, 2017 @ 5:00
Suggested Dinner Donation:  $8.00 per plate,
includes one ticket to bucket drawing for prize basket of your choice!  
Please join us and support YOUR TUMC Mission Team. 
                        We will also have several door prize drawings throughout the dinner. 
 College Student Outreach

Please contact Jen Gauthier, 221-2840, or Moira Cowling, 774-5130, with the current addresses of students in our congregation. We have had great success with this program and hope to continue again sending messages and packages of goodies throughout the year. Our goal is to make our college students aware of the fact that their Trinity United Methodist Church family is thinking of them.

We will be printing the students’ birthdays in the bulletin and Tower, so anyone can send a card or note to wish them “Happy Birthday.” We know that this can be a lonely time for the kids being away from home. Simple notes telling them you’re thinking of them and are praying for them could brighten their day! Many kids have a hard time finding a church at college, so we want to keep them close and make them feel loved.

Below are birthdays and addresses of some of our college students:

lBrock Grenier, May 12, 625 Algoma Blvd., North Scott Room 482, Oshkosh, WI 54901.

lGino Mariucci, May 23, 1836 E. 7th Ave., Norway, MI 49870.

lBarbie Slagle, June 10, 239 Spalding Hall, Marquette, MI 49855.

  2016 Mission of the Month Giving— Thank You, Everybody!

 Month        Dollars         Mission

January       $373.05        Our Community meal program

February     $302.25        Bay Cliff Health Camp

March         $358.00        UMCOR

April           $251.27        Annual Conference

May            $176.06        ND mission trip

June            $201.83        Camp scholarships

July             $448.70        Health Cabin

August        $138.34        The Baldwin Center

September   $329.81        Brother’s Keeper Fund

October       $439.96        World Communion

November   $122.94        The Salvation Army

December    $330.40        Camp Scholarships 

North Dakota Mission News

By the time you read this letter, we will have most of our 2017 team in place. If you are still interested, but have not filled out an application, please contact Diana Hunt as soon as possible.

We should have a team list in next month’s Tower, so you can start praying for us as a team and individually. I am looking forward to mission trip #13 and pray that God uses our team to be His hands and feet once again.

To get the team out to North Dakota, we will once again need to be doing some fundraising. We will be having our annual lasagna dinner on April 23, and of course there are the monthly cinnamon roll sales!! We will also have another fundraiser that is in the works, so be looking for it in your weekly bulletins.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given to our mission teams over the years; it is so greatly appreciated.—Diana Hunt, team leader

 The Light at the Inn, rotating shelter for the homeless of Dickinson County, is right about in the middle of their first season. It started Sunday, November 13, with eight churches committed to two weeks of hospitality for people who need overnight shelter during the cold winter months. Circumstances have prevented two of the eight from starting up this season, but they are still dedicated to the idea, and time will tell!

In the meantime, the six host churches have increased their commitment to three weeks of hospitality for this first season, and so far, it looks like the shelter will continue through the last week of March. Praise God!

There were two nights at the beginning of the season with no guests, and then a lengthy period with two regular guests. In the last month, there have been as many as five guests some nights.

Thanks to everyone who prays, supports, and volunteers for this wonderful mission to those who need it the most! If you would like more information, please contact Kristy Ryan, 779-5282; and/or Cindi Strehlow, 221-1094.

A Big Thank You to Christian Ministry Car Care Clinic   Thank you so much for caring so much for the community to help out with a much-needed issue. There are so many things that people need—food, clothing, housing—but not many think of another—independence. That is what your clinic gives to your neighbors. Not only independence, but also “safety from breaking down,” and a sense of community (knowing that someone cares).

Personally, I thank you, because I was able to bring my mom’s car in, and you not only changed the oil, but also checked it over for her. She is on a low fixed income and could not have afforded to get her oil changed, and she “has a problem” with me paying for it, so…Thank You for helping her and giving me peace of mind.

Sincerely,    Alice Weatherman & Rose Senn

Light at the Inn—Rotating Shelter for the Homeless   Maybe you saw the article in the Daily News, September 21…yes, the opportunity for the churches of this community to offer hospitality to those without shelter is getting closer and closer. An information meeting was held for Trinity UMC people on Monday, September 19. Those who were there agreed that the following information is very helpful in understanding how this will work:

• The name of the organizing group is ‘Light at the Inn,’ and they have their own insurance, budget, financing, by-laws, and committees.

• This is NOT a year-round mission. Cold months only.

• There are eight different churches (as of right now) in Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Norway, and Niagara who are providing lodging and food for the homeless from around 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., one week at a time. The guests will NOT be in the church buildings during the day.

• Trinity will host guests twice between November and March, one week at a time. Sunday, November 20 will start the first week at Trinity. Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, down the street, will open the shelter with the very first week, starting on Sunday, November 13.

• Trinity will not be asked for any money.

• The security measures are spelled out clearly and will include breathalyzer, search of belongings, the involvement of the local law enforcement agencies to determine if there are ‘wants & warrants,’ or listing on the Sex Offender Registry.

• Kristy and Cindi will find volunteers for the shelter from a pool of people who want to help, not just from the Trinity congregation. All volunteers will be trained and possibly have background checks.

If you have additional questions, suggestions or want to volunteer, please contact Cindi Strehlow, 221-1094, or Kristy Ryan, 282-8726.

 We’re collecting clean plastic grocery and bread bags.  A container will be in the Gathering Room on Sundays.  The rest of the week, it will be at the bottom of the stairs leading into the Fellowship Hall.


Famous Methodists: Did you know that Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson—the main character in the movie Hidden Figures—was raised as a Methodist? She and her family attended St. James Methodist Church in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
      Katherine graduated from high school at the age of 14 and from West Virginia State University with a degree in math at the age of 18. Later, she graduated from West Virginia University with a master’s degree. Later on, she was the first African-American woman to desegregate the graduate school at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.
     She went on to calculate the analytic geometry for the trajectory and re-entry for Alan Shepherd’s historic flight as the first American in space and John Glenn’s orbit of Earth. She also did calculations for the Apollo and space shuttle program.
      As one of America’s unsung heroes, at the age of 97, in 2015, Katherine was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama at the White House. She is an inspiration to people everywhere in terms of brilliance, perseverance, and effectiveness in spite of adversity and prejudice.
       The movie depicts the important role that Johnson and two other African-American women played in NASA’s Mercury Space Program. Based on the book by the same name, Hidden Figures is the true story of Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson. Johnson, a physicist and mathematician, is 98. She lives in Hampton, Virginia. Her hometown is making plans to name the library after her. The movie has won 26 awards and has been nominated for many more.

Light at the Inn Rotating Shelter


 Alan Larsen, Marquette District Bookkeeper and history buff, has a long-standing relationship with Camp Michigamme, both as camper and staff person. Alan and his wife Nancy and their extended family have donated countless hours of their time to camp, but this book may be the best gift of all. It follows the history of camp from its very beginning, a down payment of $10 for land on Lake Michigamme in 1922, to the present day. The book is loaded with pictures, newspaper articles, and illustrations, such as excerpts from the very first brochure, including the week’s schedule and registration cost of $1 per person. Alan shares his own memories and those of others, plus fascinating details he has garnered from multiple sources. Anyone who has ever spent time at Camp Michigamme will find the book hard to put down once they open it. Check it out in the church library (office). Cost is $20, and all proceeds go to Camp Michigamme.


Update  By Chris Langer

Many Tuesdays in 2016, Feeding America delivered to us a variety of meat and other food that has been taken off our local Walmart’s shelves. Walmart’s manager wants the food to stay in our area, and we share the food with local food pantries and meal programs. We pay 10 cents per pound for the food we receive. Special thanks go out to those who help me almost every week with the truck, including: Kathryn Bilgreen, Jack and Jill Noyce, Dacia Rose, Deidre Teikari, and Larry and Carol Trevillian.