February 22, 2018




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“Dear Friends of Trinity:  Thank you for your thoughtful donation of $206.74.  Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community.”     

--The Salvation Army    

(The Salvation Army was our November 2017 Mission of the Month.)

                                            ...TRANSFORM THE WORLD...

Bay Cliff Health Camp is the Mission of the Month for February   By Nathan Ruble

The Mission of the Month for February is Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, Michigan. Bay Cliff is a world for special children between the ages of three and 18, and there you’ll find children laughing and playing, while facing life with wheelchairs, leg braces, and hearing aids. You’ll find children with cardiac problems, diabetes, speech and hearing deficiencies, and other handicaps.

Since its beginning in 1933, Bay Cliff Health Camp has promoted the health, welfare, happiness, and development of the children in the Upper Peninsula.

All children receive daily therapy while participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Their special needs are met through programs approved by their doctors. These include reading; swimming; and speech, physical, and occupational therapy. College students from around the U.S., as well as other countries, seek employment at the camp to find practical application for the things they have learned in the classroom. And now Bay Cliff has expanded its capabilities for year-round use.

People of the Upper Peninsula continue to make certain that the Bay Cliff tradition lives on. Funding efforts continue throughout the year, from the annual Fourth of July Polka Fest in Ontonagon to the Business and Professional Women’s Club auction at Sault Ste. Marie. The Menominee Kiwanis Club holds a “Run for Bay Cliff.” Other communities hold dances, bake sales, and fairs. Donations come from corporations, trade unions, college fraternities, and private citizens.

Again this year, we would like to join in to help support Bay Cliff Health Camp. Thank you for your support.


The Mission of the Month for January is our Community Meal Program

January’s Mission of the Month is our community meal program, which is in its 17th year. We serve almost 150 meals each Wednesday. In 2018, we will be serving an estimated 7,800 meals.

Volunteers plan, shop, cook, serve, and clean up for each meal. Your Mission of the Month offering to our community meal program will help us so much in our mission to give a nutritious meal free of charge to anyone and everyone who comes to eat.

Please think prayerfully about this, and give generously to January’s Mission of the Month.

The Men of Prayer group meets on the last Monday of each month. Their next meeting will be on Monday,January 29 at 7:00 p.m. at Trinity UMC, Iron Mountain.  We are partnering with the other United Methodist Churches in the area and any men who seek to draw closer to God. The children have VBS. The women have circles. Men need something, too! Come and check it out. We’ll compare notes on life and where God is working things out. Prayer time will then be followed by Holy Communion. Come and see what it’s all about. For more information, please call Scott Ritsema, (906)282-4549.

College Student Ministry—As 2018 starts, we would like to let our college students know we continue to encourage them! It can be a lonely time, and knowing that their church family is thinking of them can be a blessing! Please contact the Church office for the current list of our students’ addresses and their birthdays, so we can let them know we are thinking of them! Thank you.   —Jen and Moira


As you can see, all the cards are gone from the Angel Tree. A big thank you to all of you who are picking out gifts for these special families. I know you will make their Christmas a joyful one. Thanks also to those who helped. You are all truly Angels among us. Please remember to return the gifts, with tags attached, by December 9. If you have any questions, please call Bonnie at (906)828-2009. Thank you all again.

Delayed Thank-You…The Brother’s Keeper Fund was the Mission of the Month in September, and I need to say ‘Many Thanks!’ to those who gave for that purpose. The Fund received $223, which I have been using for gas cards and Super One cards. Occasionally this year, there has been enough money in the fund to help with rent or utilities, but for the most part, I like to offer people the gas and food they need to get through an immediate crisis. Your donations can make all the difference at the end of the month or whenever someone’s money gets used up for emergency car repairs or medical bills. Thank you, again, for your generosity to the people in this area who turn to Trinity for assistance in their time of need.—Pastor Geri

Trinity UMC hosted The Light at the Inn homeless shelter November 19-26. We had five guests over the course of the week and enjoyed getting to know them better and sharing a Thanksgiving meal with them. We will be hosting again December. 31-January 7 and always welcome new volunteers!

December’s Mission of the Month is the World Communion Special Offering through The United Methodist Church.  The World Communion Scholarship Program of The United Methodist Church supports United Methodist students and students who relate directly to the General Board of Global Ministries mission partners, so that they may carry out their master’s or doctoral studies at universities or seminaries. What follows is an example of how this scholarship program is influencing the life of Ofelia Duldulao. 

    The scholarship made it possible for Ofelia Duldulao to finish graduate studies uninterrupted, instead of needing to take time off to earn money. A teacher by profession, Duldulao attends the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, preparing for a master’s degree in environmental education, a passion of Duldulao, an environmental activist. She has a B.S. in biology, as well as a degree in secondary education.

The scholarship, she said, has been an inspiration. “I am constantly reminded of the opportunity and the trust given to us scholars,” she said. “The support comes from people, from churches, believing we will serve the people through God’s ministries.

     “I am not a scholar of just another agency,” she said. “I am a scholar of the church, and I see myself working with the church and the community as long as I am able.”   The scholarship also allows her to be active in the church and community while attending school. During graduate school, Duldulao serves as a speaker and educator for various campaigns in Nueva Vizcaya, helping to solve identified problems and training leaders in speaking, teaching, and community-organizing skills.

        Duldulao recently returned from Africa University in Zimbabwe, where she attended an Environmental Scholars Gathering with seven other Global Ministries-funded environmental studies and related scholars. They explored creation-care ministry and environmental programs to offer local churches around the globe.

     “I believe God provided me with this opportunity of being a scholar of Global Ministries to work in church and the community, she said, “to be part of the church’s work and to lead church members to help in the community work.” Please give.

 August 19 Truck Brought Help for Many  By Chris Langer     A Feeding America semi-truck came to Trinity on Saturday, August 19.  The truck brought 20,467 pounds of food, soap, and paper products. One-hundred-ninety cars came through, and 573 individuals were served. We also helped Abundant Life Church, Caring House, St. Vincent DePaul in Iron Mountain and Florence, Alpha Omega House, and others.

Police were here to provide traffic control—no tickets were issued.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers (17 from Trinity UMC and 19 others) who helped that day. Thank you to the Finance Committee for approving my request for Marie Bleecker funds to help pay for the truck. Thank you to an individual who gave money to pay for the soap and paper products on the truck. God bless you all.

College Student Outreach--We recently sent out 12 packages for Halloween to our college students, and we want to thank all who helped by providing candy and other goodies, as well as funds for postage. It’s such a fun way to let the kids know we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.--Jen & Moira

Please contact Jen Gauthier, 221-2840, or Moira Cowling, 774-5130, with the current addresses of students in our congregation. We have had great success with this program and hope to continue again sending messages and packages of goodies throughout the year. Our goal is to make our college students aware of the fact that their Trinity United Methodist Church family is thinking of them.

We will be printing the students’ birthdays in the bulletin and Tower, so anyone can send a card or note to wish them “Happy Birthday.” We know that this can be a lonely time for the kids being away from home. Simple notes telling them you’re thinking of them and are praying for them could brighten their day! Many kids have a hard time finding a church at college, so we want to keep them close and make them feel loved.

  2016 Mission of the Month Giving— Thank You, Everybody!

 Month        Dollars         Mission

January       $373.05        Our Community meal program

February     $302.25        Bay Cliff Health Camp

March         $358.00        UMCOR

April           $251.27        Annual Conference

May            $176.06        ND mission trip

June            $201.83        Camp scholarships

July             $448.70        Health Cabin

August        $138.34        The Baldwin Center

September   $329.81        Brother’s Keeper Fund

October       $439.96        World Communion

November   $122.94        The Salvation Army

December    $330.40        Camp Scholarships