July 20, 2018
Each summer Trinity has a mission team that travels to North Dakota and serves at Spirit Lake Mission. This year is no exception!  It is such a fulfilling and wonderful experience to be a part of the mission team!  
North Dakota Mission Team Hosting Fundraisers
   It’s almost time to return to the Spirit Lake Ministry Center in North Dakota! This year’s trip will be from June 17-22. Our team is 23 strong, with 11 adults and 12 youth. Five of our team members are joining us for the first time!
   We thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers as we prepare for our departure. We have our last two fundraisers coming up: April 29 will be our last cinnamon roll sale until the fall, and on May 20, we will be hosting a lasagna dinner. Come and enjoy a great dinner and fellowship with us.
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Mission Trip Notes By Diana Hunt, Team Leader   September, 2017

Year 13 found us up bright and early once again! On June 18, our team members gathered in the church parking lot, loaded our gear into four vehicles, and circled up for a prayer and blessing. We thank Pastor Geri for getting up extra early to send us off.

This year marked my third year leading the team. It still seems strange to not have Marilyn Phillips with us physically, but she is always with us in spirit. This year we decided to honor her by purchasing and building a playground set! Thank you to the many people who made donations to make this possible.

As always, we were warmly greeted by missionaries Mike and Libby. It is always exciting to see changes that take place while we are gone. This year, they converted the old tool shop into a dorm, so there are more places for teams to sleep! There is a new basketball court, and while we were there, a new walk-in freezer was being installed.

Our team this year included Blair Daugherty; Rick and Ann Musgrove; Adam, Kristy, Logan, Maddie, Lizzy and Charlotte Ryan; Jen and Riley Gauthier; Scott Ritsema; Maddie Koski; Casey Hansley; Joe Kennedy; Piper and Maggie Strehlow; Libby Lee; Hunter Schultz; Pan Pansch; Kelly Wagner; Kris Mulder; Matt Weimeyer; and me.

This year, we were blessed to work at three work sites, as well as work with the children at the day camp in the afternoon. The day camp is in its third year and running pretty smoothly! The children are bused in by either Mike or one of his assistants and fed a warm meal. Then they move on to various activities that are planned for each day. What a blessing to see not only the young children coming, but also the teenagers. This program is making a difference in their lives! In the mornings, we split into three teams—one that built a very large handicap ramp, one that roofed a two-story house, and one that built “Marilyn’s Playground.”

It is such a blessing to have watched some of our youth grow stronger in their faith and skill set through this mission. I remember when Logan was on his first mission, way back when he was 13 or so, and did not even know how to swing a hammer! He has now led our roofing team for two years! He has done such a wonderful job! We are always asked where did we see God, and though there are many times during each mission that I see God, I think I saw him most this year in watching Logan give instructions to Adam as they worked together the last day to finish up the roofing project .

On behalf of the mission team, I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all who supported us through the years. Without the support of our congregation, this mission trip would not happen. I am so honored to have taken the reins from Marilyn, and this year as Greg and I move on to our next phase in life, I turn the reins over to Kristy Ryan and Jen Gauthier. They have helped guide me so much through these last three years. The teams have truly been the hands and feet of Christ! Mission trip #14 will be happening June 17-21 next year. Contact Kristy, 779-5282, or Jen, 221-2840, if you are interested.