May 25, 2017

Please join us for Sunday worship at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. through the school year!  We make coffee and serve cookies after worship so that we can enjoy Fellowship, encouragement, support from and with each other.  Come and get to know us...Summer Worship will begin on May 28, 9:15 on Sundays.    Wednesday night Prayer Meeting is 5:45 - 6:15 Year round. 
Start the new year with a good read! Books are available for check-out in the church office.

Eat, Stay, and Pray—Community Prayer Service, Wednesdays, 5:45 to 6:15 p.m. This is an ecumenical prayer opportunity in the Sanctuary. A chance to pray to God. To listen for the Spirit of God. To be together in the hope of Jesus Christ.  It’s open to our community meal guests and available to all the folks at Trinity who are not able to make it to church on Sunday mornings…and for anyone who wants a chance to pray in community during the week.  If Sunday morning worship is a chance to get closer to God, then check it out and see what God can do on Wednesday nights!

Community Meal:   Every Wednesday night, at 5:00 we serve a healthy, tasty, pleasant meal to people in the community.  Come and join us whenever you want to!

                           Endowment Celebration Sunday, May 7

We’ll have our annual Endowment Celebration on Sunday, May 7 during the worship services. Whenever anyone gives us an endowment gift, we as a community of faith are truly blessed by their generosity. We are also encouraged by the giver’s faith in us to be a viable and self-sustaining church. Endowment givers trust this congregation to pay our budgeted bills through personal offerings to the church, while using their gift for specific, non-budgeted activities that bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.

These gifts become a permanent part of the church’s assets—the original money given to the church is not spent. Endowment gifts are invested through Ameriprise. The money that is earned through interest, dividends, and distributions becomes available to the church according to the wishes of the giver. Endowments truly are the gifts that keep on giving!

Please welcome Jon Ellis from Ameriprise, who will be here to answer questions about our investments.


Where Did It Go?   

By the Church Mouse

Time stops for no one, not even a mouse. You turn around, and next thing you know spring flowers are popping up through the once-frozen ground. Let’s start with the fall harvest, all the fresh vegetables to eat and share. Come Thanksgiving, we all give thanks for what we have and help others who have less. It’s a great holiday for us to enter into the cooler times. The leaves have fallen, and our lawn mowers are stored for months. It seems like now is a time to relax, but it’s not to be.

Soon it is Christmas with the birth of our Savior Jesus. Again we share gifts, and most are wishing for a white Christmas.

Sounds nice. The first snows are always pure and white, giving us the relaxing feeling of something new. Skiers, snowmobilers, snowshoers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are in love with the white stuff. We shovelers can hardly wait for it to melt. Smart ones strap on their wings and fly south for warmer weather, where snow is something they see on The Weather Channel. But like fall, winter starts to slowly go away, leaving its muddy trail.

The first signs of spring are sap running on the maple trees, pussy willows, and robins. We made it. Spring makes all God’s wonders start to green up. Geese are seen migrating to their summer homes, along with the other snow birds. Christ has risen. Now that spring is here, we have more daylight to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Now summer brings the long-awaited warmth. No complaints here. Gardens are growing, birds are singing, life is good.

Fall starts the process all over with little change in patterns.

Some say the four seasons are the reason we make this area our home. I’ll admit that change is good, but I would prefer the summer season. Like life, God doesn’t give us what we want; he only provides what we need. God sent his son to live among us and show us how to love each other. Jesus suffered and died for us to open the path for heaven. God’s earth changes faster than we keep up with; we turn around and ask ‘where did it go?’ Time well spent on earth helping others will be a time that’ll last forever in our minds and soul. Make every season count, following Christ’s path to love all, lead by example. Seasons change, and so should we.

 …connect with others…

May Birthdays and Anniversaries   Please pray for them on their special day.
May 1 Keagan Aman, Robert Paupore, Lea Varda
2 Julia Ritsema, Larry Trevillian
3 Kay Carlson, Lori Sorensen
4 Emma Van Den Heuvel
5 Eugene DuCharme
7 David Hodgins, Jill Volmering
8 Kirk Fortner, Lois Langsford
9 Gail Croci, Robert Morrell, Luke Ruble, Julie Tass, Bill Uren
10 Sara Phillips
11 Peter Eggen, Roxanne Freeman, Gino Santoni, Rick & Ann Musgrove
12 Brock Grenier, Hatcher Simon
13 Mary Ann Harding, Marcus Harry Wendy Mulka
14 Adam Smart
15 Adam Hayes, Dennis & Carolyn Pineda
16 Lindsey Sorensen
17 Debby Cavalieri, Jeff Simon, Ed & Dawn Riutta
18 Greg Hunt
20 Carol Trevillian
21 Kevin Freeman
22 Cherie Winters
23 Heather Hayes, Lucas Reddinger, Gino Mariucci, Scott & Emily Ritsema
24 Robert Cowling
25 Betsy Trumbell
26 Sophie Bancroft, Ashley Phillips, Jo Ann Richer
27 Stephen Blagec
28 Karen Fortner, Sandy Mutsch, Jayce Paupore, Sue Youngberg, Jon & Suzanne Harry
30 Neil Annear, Terry Barnes
31 Steve & Debby Cavalieri, Bryan & Jenny Rietveld
Hospitalized since our last issue: Joe Fortner, Genean Granger, Donna Poquette, Dolly Richards
Our condolences to the family of Jeff Freeman, who died April 12.
Those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities:
Freeman’s: Allen Alleva, Beverly Carollo, Joyce Maas
Iron County Medical Care Facility: Shirley Allen, Judy Thompson
Safe Haven: Vanessa Frahm
Victorian Pines: Louise Roberts
June Birthdays and Anniversaries  Please pray for them on their special day.
June 1 Beth Clark, Pauline Hill
2 Koni Lindholm
4 Chris Cavalieri
5 Kathryn Bilgreen, Michelle Yuhasey, Mario & Brynn Santoni
6 Kane Driscoll
7 Karen Gaffney, Matt Gauthier, Tim Harris, Diana Hunt, Matthew Rota, Matt & Brittany Wiedemeier
8 Tim & Michelle Yuhasey
9 Keith & Kim Mashak
10 Barbara Clemo, Rick Musgrove, Barbie Slagle
11 Clara Ryan
12 Larry DuFord, Jean Larson, Tami Slagle, Terry & Joanne Barnes, Ron & Julie Tass
13 John Hyrkas, Paul & Renèe Grenier
14 Greg & Diana Hunt
16 Bruce Clark
17 Ellsworth & Rosemary Carlson
18 Eleanor Edlebeck, Ryan Person
20 Bruce A. Bilgreen, Cole Grenier, Charlene Hunt, Dick & Shirley Allen, Larry & Carol Trevillian
21 Tony & Elise Cavalieri, Adam & Heather Hayes
22 Moriah Hostettler
23 Matthew Mulka, Mika Yuhasey, Dale & Sarah Powell, Tom & Mary Turner
24 Jon Forsberg, Sarah Rowell, Kyle Shemanski, Tim & Colleen Driscoll
25 Gabriella Summerfield, Larry & Marsha Bonicatto, James & Susan Smeberg, Scott & Cindie Trevillian
27 Carol Annear, Bruce W. Bilgreen, Vera Santoni, Gary & Karen Fortner, Stephen & Dayna Hodgins
28 Stephen & Hope Ann Blagec
29 Paul Mulka, Don Richards
30 Weston Trevillian, Noah Wilcox, Guy Yuhasey

A new leaf has been added to the Giving Tree in the Gathering Room, “In loving memory of Beverly Davidson.”

“Thank you to the women who provided the meal at LaVerne’s funeral. You did a wonderful job. LaVerne would have been overjoyed with everything that was done. A big thank you from the Barnes Family!”

“Thank you for all the prayers, cards, and well-wishes.” –Barbara Sandberg

“Dear Trinity United Methodist Church Family, Thank you for the card and Starbuck’s gift card. We have one right on campus, so it will be used quickly!” --Thank you, Barbie Jo Slagle

Thank you to Mike and Chris Bruns for the freshly-made popcorn that was so delicious at the Movie Night on Sunday, March 19. Chomping on popcorn and grooving to ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ was enjoyed by people from ages 2 to 82! Thank you so much for all that you do.

Thank you most sincerely to the anonymous donors who made it possible for the Trinity employees to receive a cash gift from the church for services rendered. Additional funds have also been given anonymously to enhance the worship music program during 2017. Praise God for the people from whom such generous gifts flow!

Thank you to the one who bought a new DVD/Blu-Ray player for the Youth Room! The kids and the Movie Night people will use it with joy and appreciation.

Thank you to the Detroit Annual Conference, which gave Trinity $200 to help defray the costs of our participation in the Vital Church Initiative. Also, thank you to the Marquette District for providing the money for hotel rooms at the VCI two-day meeting, March 31 to April 1, so we don’t have to drive back and forth in the dark!


 Junior Worship leaders needed, please: There’s a sign-up sheet outside the Junior Worship room for volunteers to lead Junior Worship during the 10:30 services.
Are you part of the Prayer Chain and would like to continue? As a member of the Prayer Chain, you would receive prayer requests by phone from someone else on the chain, and you in turn would call the person on the chain after you. If you’re interested in being/continuing on the Prayer Chain, please call Sally in the office, 774-2545. We are also thinking about creating an email prayer chain. Are you interested? Talk to Pastor Geri, 774-2545.


You’ve seen the graphic on the screen, “Happiness is singing in the choir,” but some of our sections need some help. We’re especially looking for sopranos & basses, but anyone who loves to sing would be welcome. Practice is Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Come & join us!

For more information, contact Emily Ritsema, 282-2776, or Greg Hunt, 563-5278.


Mondays from 9:30 to Noon there is a gathering for crafting and learning and joyful sharing of stories and ideas and wisdom and humor and snacks with coffee. Everyone is welcome…we can always use another pair of hands to help with making greeting cards which are on sale in the Gathering Area. Don’t worry about being talented…we’re all in this together and believe there are ‘No mistakes…Just variations!’


The Prayer Shawl Ministry was started 10 years ago by the Martha Circle. Care and the love of knitting and crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace. The blessing passes from one person to another, with both the giver and receiver feeling the unconditional embrace of God. Yarn is available. If you know of someone in need or would like to knit or crochet a shawl, please contact Moira Cowling, 774-5130, or Sally in the office, 774-2545.