February 22, 2018
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 I am Pastor Geri Hamlen and I would like to welcome you to Trinity. We have an active, friendly church community and I would very much like to meet you, in the name of Jesus Christ.   Please join us for worship, for fellowship and for service to the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit!
 Pastor’s Ponderings       
2018 Jubilee Year—A time of Rest, Refreshment, Renewal!

Trinity’s Jubilee Year is off to a great start. We are taking a ‘time out’ in 2018 from ceaseless activity and unproductive exertion. This year, we are focusing on what can be called the uniquely ‘CHURCH’ practices…the things that only churches do. Like reading the Bible…the whole Bible in one year! See the article below about the small groups who started reading in January and are meeting to talk about the experience.

Another uniquely ‘CHURCH’ practice is prayer. Each month this year we will have a Prayer of the Month which asks God to help us, as a Church, to grow more loving and more faithful. The January prayer was used in worship and committee meetings and Bible studies and hopefully, by people in their private prayer time.

The February prayer is on the outside cover of the Tower and was written by one of Trinity’s members who prays faithfully for our Church. Please cut it out and use it in your prayer time this month. All of heaven rejoices to hear the people of God praying together for the Church.

As part of our Jubilee Year, we are looking for ways that more and more people can grow in their prayer life. Here are some ideas that you can consider for yourself:

*As you pray this month, remind yourself that God is with you, always and everywhere. Invite God to open your heart, your mind, and your soul to a growing awareness of the Holy Spirit’s action in your life and the lives of those around you. Be ready to be amazed as you start to notice and claim God’s presence in new and wonderful ways.

*Do you like to write? Would you consider writing a prayer for the church? If words are your special friends, so to speak, go ahead and compose a prayer and drop it off in the office or e-mail to pastorimtrinity@gmail.com. You don’t even have to sign your name if you don’t want to. Your prayer contribution might be just the thing for our Prayer of the Month! At the end of 2018, we’ll see about putting together a Jubilee Year Prayer book!

*Give the Wednesday night Prayer Meeting a try. It’s a mid-week half-hour of prayer that moves smoothly

from Prayers of Thanksgiving to a Psalm Prayer, a Prayer of Confession, and Prayers for the World. Everyone is welcome, and many people find it the perfect place to slow down, feel the presence of God, and get a few things off their chest!

* Have you ever considered getting or being a prayer partner? A big part of my sense of ministry is what I call the ‘Yenta’ factor. A Yenta is a Jewish woman who served as the Matchmaker back in the day when arranged marriages were a common practice. I see the Yenta role as my chance to bring together people with similar interests, challenges, visions. So if you would like to have a prayer partner as part of our Jubilee year celebration, please let me know, and I’ll help you find one! A partner in prayer is someone that you can talk to about your prayer life. You can pray together if that feels right or just support and encourage each other to greater faithfulness in the practice of prayer.

God’s peace to us all as we remember the goodness of God who intends for us to rest in the Word, relax in Sabbath peace, and be renewed by prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus,

Pastor Geri


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