August 15, 2018
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 I am Pastor Geri Hamlen and I would like to welcome you to Trinity. We have an active, friendly church community and I would very much like to meet you, in the name of Jesus Christ.   Please join us for worship, for fellowship and for service to the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Pastor’s Ponderings--July & August     I’m having trouble deciding what to write about this time. There is so much running through my head after four days at Annual Conference. The North Dakota Mission Trip is leaving in a few days. My prayers are with the team. My first June wedding is coming up, with the second one the next weekend. I’m also preparing for VBS fun the last week of June. Not to mention Elementary Camp at Camp Michigamme next month. Who said summer is a time to slow down!?!
How about you? Are the longer days and shorter nights giving you an extra energy boost?

I hope that you have as many fun and interesting and yes, even challenging things going on as I do. We are most fully alive when we are engaged, intrigued, challenged, and just plain amused by the great variety that life offers us. God made us and the world that way.

Conference challenged all 1,795 of us—clergy and people in the pews, just like you—to ask ourselves: Who is my neighbor? And what does it mean to love our neighbors? Some of my favorite quotes from Conference are showing up in my sermons since then:

‘God has a mission for the world and love is at the heart of that mission.’

‘Love means being deeply committed to the well- being of other people.’

‘Always be ready for God to show up.’

‘No matter what happens, even the worst possible tragedy...God will still be calling us to love each other and our neighbors.’

Lots to think about. And then I look at the VBS ‘Hero Central’ curriculum and see how the simple lessons for children carry so much wisdom for all of us grown-ups. Don’t you need to hear:

God’s heroes have Heart! God’s heroes have Courage! God’s heroes have Wisdom! God’s heroes have Hope!

And doesn’t it make sense that we need all of the above to live life fully and to love our neighbors?

Heart, Courage, Wisdom, and Hope.

All of these are qualities that God offers to us, all the time. When we look at the life and teachings of Jesus and when we open our hearts to the power of the Holy Spirit...We can share God’s love in the world! That’s what heroes do!

Even heroes, though, get tired and need a day off. A day to rest and relax and enjoy the goodness of this great big world. I hope you are giving yourself time to kick back and take it easy. Love for our neighbors can be as simple as looking with love...smiling with joy...resting quietly in the warmth of God’s love...and being re-energized for action, when the time is right. In God’s time. Happy summer and God’s peace to all...

   Pastor Geri

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