April 22, 2018
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…connect with others....

  Free Community Meal in the Fellowship Hall.....Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.  Join us for food, fellowship and friends.  Also stay for Wednesday Prayer Meeting in the Sanctuary at 5:45.     

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Long-Range Planning…

If you are the kind of person who likes to know, go ahead and mark your calendars:

Sunday, May 6 is our Annual Endowment Celebration Sunday. It’s also the last day of Sunday school.

Sunday, May 13: Mother’s Day worship.

Sunday, May 20 is Graduation Sunday. Six of our youth are graduating from high school this year. Come and celebrate with them!

Sunday, May 27 is the first Sunday of our summer worship season. All of us together at one time!

June 26-28, Vacation Bible School. Contact Cindi Strehlow if you are curious! (906)221-1094 

Keep the Date Open—Church-Wide Birthday Celebration is returning on Sunday, April 22. It will be a potluck right after the 10:30 worship service. Everyone is invited to come and sing Happy Birthday to each other! Please bring a dish to share.


January Fellowship Fun!  Spirit Sundays!  Are you feeling the Trinity fellowship spirit?  Let’s have a little fun with our church family during the month of January.  Young and old can participate.  Dress up accordingly.  Spirit Sundays are as follows…

Jan. 7—Hometown School Colors. Wear the colors of your local high school.

Jan. 14—Yooper Sunday. Wear your flannel, plaid, camouflage, and Carhartt.

Jan. 21—Dress Up Sunday. Old school/Sunday best. Dresses, suits, and ties.

Jan. 28—Sports Jersey or T-Shirt Sunday. Wear your favorite football, baseball, soccer, etc. shirt. Special snacks will be served during coffee hour.