July 25, 2017
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  Free Community Meal in the Fellowship Hall.....Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.  Join us for food, fellowship and friends.  Also stay for Wednesday Prayer Meeting in the Sanctuary at 5:45.     


“Dear Rev. Geri Hamlen & Trinity children: Thank you for your Penny Jar donation to our loan closet. We are especially pleased to see children caring to help us help others during their illness by making available medical equipment and supplies for their use and comfort. May God bless you.”

Kay Mattson, Dickinson County Cancer Unit

In The Daily News

The Dickinson County Cancer Unit Loan Closet would like to thank the Sunday school children of Trinity United Methodist Church for their awesome donation to our organization. These children gave weekly to a “Penny Jar.” Over time, the money built up, and through the guidance of their teachers, they made the decision to give their monies to the Cancer Loan Closet.

Negative perception of our young people seems to run rampant when, in fact, we are blessed with many wonderful children.

We are truly appreciative for Trinity’s Sunday school donations and proud of their religious students for their compassion to those who are battling catastrophic illnesses. God bless you all.

--Diane L. Schabo, President,  Dickinson County Cancer Unit Loan Closet


Greetings from the Iron Mountain Area Clergy Association, aka IMACA:

We are distributing the generous offerings given by the people of this area during the Holy Week worship services in April. It is our honor to disburse them back to the community through the special programs that are working so hard to feed, shelter, support, encourage, and befriend those who are standing in need of those things and so much more.

We give thanks for your efforts to uplift and enrich the lives of those who seek and use your services. God bless you....

Trinity UMC received $100 from the disbursement of these Holy Week funds. Praise be to God!—Rev. Ed Laarman, IMACA Secretary