February 22, 2018
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  Free Community Meal in the Fellowship Hall.....Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.  Join us for food, fellowship and friends.  Also stay for Wednesday Prayer Meeting in the Sanctuary at 5:45.     

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January Fellowship Fun!  Spirit Sundays!  Are you feeling the Trinity fellowship spirit?  Let’s have a little fun with our church family during the month of January.  Young and old can participate.  Dress up accordingly.  Spirit Sundays are as follows…

Jan. 7—Hometown School Colors. Wear the colors of your local high school.

Jan. 14—Yooper Sunday. Wear your flannel, plaid, camouflage, and Carhartt.

Jan. 21—Dress Up Sunday. Old school/Sunday best. Dresses, suits, and ties.

Jan. 28—Sports Jersey or T-Shirt Sunday. Wear your favorite football, baseball, soccer, etc. shirt. Special snacks will be served during coffee hour.


Special Thank You: Christmas at church doesn’t happen all by itself. So many people contributed time and talents and ideas and support and encouragement to make this Christmas Season so special for so many.

The choir sang beautifully. The decorations were inspiring. Special people engaged in dramatic readings during worship. Moms and young adults came in on Christmas Eve to dress the children in costumes for the Christmas Parade. Our faithful coffee-makers made sure there were cookies and hot drinks for both Christmas Eve services. The Worship Team helped to coordinate the hanging of the greens, the lighting of candles, and a special light show. Bulletin boards and Paper Poinsettias were created for our enjoyment and delight. Sunday School teachers helped the children learn their songs for the cantata and remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Special gifts were given through Martha Circle and the Brother’s Keeper Fund. The Lydia Circle gave us a chance to give presents to families through The Salvation Army. The TV-6 Canathon was an opportunity for us to feed hungry people. The Joy Crafters made angel gifts that were given to the children to show them the love of Jesus Christ and the love that the church has for each of them.

All this and so much more made this a great and glorious Christmas for the people at Trinity. Let’s give thanks to all of these people and to God, who is the power, the energy, and the inspiration that makes such a celebration come real in our church and in our hearts! A thousand thanks to everyone….